Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Recover Lost Photos From Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The high-definition smartphone, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 comes loaded with an 8MP auto focus camera, LED flash, face and smile detection, and WVGA recording of 720p video footage at the rate of 30 frames per second. The phone not only has advanced camera features of a Sony Camera, but also clarity of images, videos and sound, that is a trademark of this brand. With 1GB internal memory, and 8GB microSD card, which can be replaced with a card of 32GB capacity, there is no dearth to the storage space for the high definition videos and images. But this type of SD card, though smaller in size than other SD cards, is prone to data loss, just like any other SD cards, and in such an event, SD card recovery becomes the need of the hour.

While one observes caution, while using such a high-end device, accidents do happen. The other day, after receiving some files via bluetooth, I realized that my phone had been acting weirdly. But, since I didn't get to use my phone much due to major workload in office, I realized after a few days that my files were not at their usual place, and while trying to start one application, another one started. This continued till the weekend, when I met my family. My brother a technology geek, took it from me to install certain games on it, and suddenly, made a loud whistling sound. On trying to use it, he also noticed the same problem, and instantly told me that there was a virus in my mobile.

I am worried, I asked him what could have happened and what could be done?

He told me, though bluetooth technology is great, it has its disadvantages. Viruses can spread instantly from one mobile to another via bluetooth, just like when an infected device is connected to a desktop, the desktop gets virus infected. The only way to get rid of this deadly virus was to format the card, as all the data was saved in it.

Once done, I realized that the pictures that I had clicked with the camera, on the eve of my being honored as 'The Most Dedicated Employee', and of my first Birthday in the office, had also been deleted.Disheartened, I went to sleep, just to find the next morning, the wonderful pictures uploaded on Picasa.

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